Thank You DeVry!

In October of 2021, I graduated from DeVry University with my associate’s in Information Technology. My choice to change colleges for my bachelor’s wasn’t because of the faculty, I needed the change in scenery.

Since then, I have started down the path with Southern New Hampshire University and am making some good friends.

During my last year at DeVry, I helped build the foundation for the DeVry Student Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Student Council as their Vice-Chairman. I made some great friends along the way, some of which I won’t forget.

Today, I got in small care and thank you package from DeVry; it does mean a lot. While I can not serve on the council any longer, I plan to keep in touch. Thank yall for the goodies!

“We all have held necklaces in our hands, like us every bead is different. It’s those differences between the beads which make them beautiful. Consider if every bead was the same, they lack beauty and symmetry to make them worthwhile.”

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